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Smash 4 Tournament Rules

  • ::Entry Fee::
  • Venue: $5
  • Smash 4 Singles: $5
  • (We will have pizza and drinks for $5)
  • ::Starting Time::
  • Signups start at 5:30
  • Tournament will start at 6:00 sharp!
  • ::Prizes::
  • Smash 4 Singles: (60/30/10) Split
  • :Tournament Rules:
  • Singles:
  • 2/3 Matches
  • 3/5 Finals
  • 6 Min timer
  • 2 Stocks
  • Mii are allowed, standard weight and size. (Default 1111)
  • Starters: Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, Town and City
  • Counterpicks (1 bans):  Dream Land, Omega Onett
  • We will be refering to the proposed national ruleset for all other rules not mentioned here.
  • Bring your own controller
  •  Standard Etiquette Applies! Any rage quitting, non sportsman like behavior or disrespect of MegaTronix’s Equipment will result in a ban!

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